MetaPolyclinic (MPC)

Our aims is to revolutionise the future of global healthcare and education through the effective integration of blockchain technology in medical services. By adhering to traditional healthcare regulations and ethical principles, ensure patient safety, and confidentiality. MPC will provide medical services within its Mediverse. MPC firmly believes that its Mediverse project will offer people enhanced convenience and robust access to healthcare and educational benefits, irrespective of geographical boundaries.
Cows Gone Mad marks the first phase in the Mediverse initiative and is centred around the Mad Cow Disease outbreak in the 1980s in the UK (which resulted in the culling of 4.4 million cows), and its human equivalent variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease in the 1990s (which resulted in the deaths of 232 people).
This collection aims to pay tribute to the collaborative efforts of people who investigated the cause of disease, the lives lost by the human equivalent variant, and the unfortunate fate of millions of cows culled due to human intervention in altering their natural diets, which resulted in a disaster that could have been avoided.
The primary objective of CGM collection is to raise awareness and emphasise the importance of conducting comprehensive research and exercising caution when intervening in natural processes to prevent long-term detrimental effects. Its narrative holds particular relevance amidst the current global challenges, including environmental concerns like global warming, social issues, and healthcare.
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