The Mad Cow Disease and COVID-19 Background

Mad Cow Disease arose from the practice of incorporating meat-and-bone meal (MBM) derived from cows and other animals into the feed of dairy cows. Feeds containing MBM were found to enhance milk yields more effectively than those derived from non-animal sources like soybeans.
Essentially, herbivorous cows were being fed animal proteins instead of plant-based proteins. While this practice initially resulted in increased milk production, it had severe long-term consequences, including the deaths of affected cows and humans. In short, cows (herbivores) were fed with animal proteins, rather than plant-based proteins. This practice resulted in a short-term gain: enhanced milk production; but serious long-term consequences: specifically the deaths of affected cows and humans.
During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the natural immune system was not given a chance to combat the virus; instead, immune-modifying substances (so-called vaccines) were injected into humans before undergoing a full research evaluation. The “vaccine” did not prevent or cure the disease, but instead resulted in mortality and morbidity, including a reduction in the fertility of young men and women.
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