Vision For The Future

As we continue to see adoption of the Mediverse Exchange and the associated MPC token, the team at MetaPolyclinic have laid out a clear path to improve deliverability of current services, continue develop additional courses and services as well as integrate a portal for 3rd party creators and professionals to leverage the platform and its tools to create their own courses or repackage already established available courses. We also have numerous technologies on our radar such as those which improve means of communication that we plan to include as they become more relevant.
The Mediverse will become the first healthcare and medical education business within the web3 ecosystem, operating on a tokenized economy. Our vision includes establishing a MetaPolyclinic within the Mediverse through collaborations with leading businesses, healthcare organisations, as well as experts in the medical and technology industries.
CGM invites not only environmentalists but also economists, activists, and individuals affected by the economic crisis to come together in forging a path toward positive change. By investing in CGM NFTs, you become an agent of transformation, supporting initiatives that promote a fairer distribution of resources, environmental stewardship, and ethical practices.
Join us in this transformative journey. Stand against the greed that perpetuates crises and support Cows Gone Mad, where art becomes a catalyst for economic, social, and environmental change. Together, we can create a world that thrives on harmony, compassion, and a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.